Useful Information

How old do I have to be to purchase an alcohol infused cupcake?
You must be 21 years or older.  Yes Totally Baked Cupcakes & Sweets will ask for ID.
Can you become intoxicated from eating alcohol infused sweets?
While you most likely will have a stomach ache from eating too many sweets before you become intoxicated, anyone indulging in any food that contains  alcohol cannot ignore any of their effects on your blood alcohol levels.
Doesn't alcohol cook off ?
Some alcohol may cook off during the baking process, however not in all cases.  Totally Baked Cupcakes & Sweets also infuses some frosting, fudge, truffles and some cakepops are not baked so the alcohol doen’t cook off.
Do you sell non-alcoholic items?
Absolutly!  There is an entire line of non-alcoholic cupcakes, fudge, cakepops, truffles, and our Energy Bites are always non-alcoholic.  Many of our specialty pull apart cakes are for baby showers and children’s birthdays.
Do you deliver or cater?
We deliver for free withing a 10 mile radius of our store, delivery outside of 10 miles requires a minimum $20.00 order and has a deliver fee of $25.00.  Totally Baked Cupcakes & Sweets does not cater.
Do you make cakes?
We make small cake toppers to pair with cupcakes or cake-pops.  We also make pull apart cakes.
What is a pull-apart cake?
A pull-apart cake is cupcakes arranged in a particular way and frosted like a cake.  Essentially it looks like a cake but pulls apart into cupcakes.  They are great for birthdays, bridal showes, baby showers, and other events where many people are celebrating.
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